do you want to win your dream car? Find out here how the game works

IMPORTANT: We remind you that to be able to play on Spirit Of Win:

– Be of legal age in your country of residence


Make sure you are eligible to play on the Spirit Of Win platform.


You have to guess the price at which a pre-owned vehicle was sold at a car dealership. To do this, a sales invoice is held by a bailiff, who guarantees the invoice amount of the vehicle sold. If options are included in the overall sale price, they will be brought to your attention (delivery, provision costs, additional services, etc…)


Depending on your number of tickets, you are entitled to 5, 10 estimates. You must get as close as possible to the selling price of the vehicle presented to you.


If more than one player finds the correct or closest price, the winner is the one who validated the correct results first.

In the unlikely event that multiple players have given the same answer at the same time, the winner will be the one who has validated their credit card payment first.


Only the bailiff in charge of the operation of the game is entitled to check the results and declare the winner.

As soon as the game is closed, the winner is taken in charge by the Spirit Of Win team for the delivery of his prize.


Each game is open for a period of 60 calendar days, however the company Spirit Of Win reserves the right to extend the playing period, if necessary. If the 4999 tickets are sold before these 60 days, the game is closed, and the winner is determined by the bailiff.

If at the end of the 60 calendar days, not all tickets are sold, all players are refunded, and a new game is opened.

IMPORTANT: Until the end of each game, the players’ funds are sequestered and kept under the control of a bailiff who ensures that the players are refunded.

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