Welcome to the Spirit Of Win website.

Win your dream car! Here we will explain step by step how to proceed, it’s very simple!

Be the very best and see you soon for the delivery of your car!


On website’s home page, choose and click on the model you want to win


After clicking on the desired vehicle, choose the number of tickets you want to play and validate. Each ticket purchased gives you the right to provide 5 answers.


You will access the login page for payment. If you are registered, use your account login codes, otherwise a registration form will be provided.


Once you have registered / logged in and paid, you will be taken to the estimates page.

On this page, a vehicle that was sold in a European dealership at an earlier date is presented to you with a complete description and photos.

You must find the price at which this vehicle was sold. The player who comes closest to the amount of the sale of the vehicle (invoice held by a bailiff who controls the game), wins his dream car.

The number of answers you can make depends on the number of tickets you buy (5 answers per ticket).


Once the game is over, the bailiff will designate the winner. The player is contacted and fully taken care of to collect the car of his or her dreams: plane tickets (accompanied by the person of his choice), overnight stay in a Palace (for 2 people), gastronomic restaurant (for 2 people), full on-site assistance (hostesses, taxi, etc.), handing over of the keys to the vehicle at a car dealership or in a prestigious location, etc. Ecological malus (depending on the country) is not included.

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