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The SPIRIT OF WIN LTD company is responsible for the distribution of the “Spirit Of Win” website (hereinafter referred to as the website). This website has been created with the aim of providing you with complete and transparent information on our services.


I – About the Website

The website is a paid online game that allows participants to win luxury vehicles.


II – Use of the website

  • Quality of information:
    The SPIRIT OF WIN LTD company takes the greatest care and implements all means to distribute quality information on the website. The SPIRIT OF WIN LTD company cannot however guarantee in an absolute way the accuracy and the completeness of all this information. Thus, the SPIRIT OF WIN LTD company, subject to an obligation of means, cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect prejudice due to information that is badly used and/or that would have proved to be inaccurate or incomplete.
  • Access to the website:
    The SPIRIT OF WIN LTD company cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect prejudice resulting from the access to its website, or on the contrary from the impossibility to access it.
  • Email distribution:
    The SPIRIT OF WIN LTD company cannot be held liable for the delay, loss or poor distribution of an email, nor for its being sent or not sent to an incorrect email address.


III – Intellectual property

  • Information and products provided on the website may only be used for personal use exclusively.
  • Any use for other purposes is strictly forbidden. In addition, the elements present on this website are protected by the Intellectual Property Code, treaties and international agreements dealing with provisions relating to the protection of copyrights. Thus, any modification, representation and reproduction in whole or in part, for any use other than private use, is strictly forbidden. This prohibition applies regardless of the process of reproduction, representation and/or modification, and regardless of its duration.
  • In general, the SPIRIT OF WIN LTD company cannot be held liable for any prejudice, direct or indirect, resulting from the prohibited use of the information or any other element, delivered on the website.


IV – Respect of your privacy

  • Collection of your personal data:
    During your visits to the website, SPIRIT OF WIN LTD may ask you for certain information in order to be able to identify who you are, to offer you personalised services or to improve the website and to better serve you. You may be asked to provide nominative information or otherwise.
  • Some of your personal information will have to be communicated before you can access the service in question.
  • Mandatory information is marked with an asterisk.


V – Use of your personal data

The nominative and otherwise information collected on the website will only be used for internal purposes and will not be disclosed to third parties under any circumstances.


VI – Transmission of your personal data

  • Your personal data collected on the website will only be communicated to third parties if necessary, to meet legal and regulatory obligations or at the request of an administration or judicial authority.
  • Rights of access and rectification:
    In compliance with European provisions, the automated processing of personal data carried out on the website has been declared to the relevant authorities. Internet users have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete data relating to them at any time. To exercise this right, you can:
    send a letter to SPIRIT OF WIN LTD, Adresse : Office 143 – 1010 Cambourne – Business Park – Great Cambourne – Cambridgeshire – CB23 6DP
    send an email to
    phone at +44 (0)1223 59 78 03


VII – Other terms

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